Emulation Suite

The socware Emulation suite is a flexible, software based system software debugger.
Based on the open source processor emulator Qemu

QEMU is a hosted virtual machine monitor: It emulates central processing units through dynamic binary translation and provides a set of device models,

socware provides a fine tuned prebuilt emulation suite, which allow you stepping & debugging from the first instruction of your HyperC OS applications


  • gcc tool chain
  • clang/llvm tool chain
  • armv5, armv7s
  • gic 1.0, gic 2.0
  • cpu internal timer
  • general purpose timer
  • ethernet mac
  • flash chip
  • gdb stub


emulation suite 2016Q1
emulation suite 2016Q2, CLANG/LLVM 2016Q2
emulation suite 2016Q3
emulation suite 2017Q1


cd /opt/socware
tar jxvf ~/Downloads/arm-none-tools-x64.tar.bz2