Field Proven, Energy-Aware IoT RTOS



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socware.net provides you with the most professional and reliable software solutions for ARM Cortex CPUs. The hyperC is a real time-operating system (RTOS) designed for various IoT applications. Its features include

  • Very small footprint
  • Low latency interrupt handler
  • Nested interrupt supports
  • Priority queue scheduler & preempt-able time slicing
  • Counting semaphore
  • Priority inheritance mutex
  • Message queuing
  • Memory pool
  • Buddy Memory System
  • Loadable kernel module
  • Trust zone hypervisor
  • Cortex-M Lazy float context switch
  • While most of the commercial RTOSs focus on standards and features of general CPUs, we have narrowed down the scope of our business in order to build a solid and niche foundation for our software. All the designs are aimed at the optimization of ARM Cortex CPUs. The software architecture supports and utilizes the specific features of ARM Cortex CPUs such as TrustZone, FIQ, ARM GIC, Cortex Timer etc. Thus, the competitive advantage of hyperC is the specialty in ARM Cortex CPUs.

    The hyperC design disciplines are

    • Optimizing over general
    • Simplifying over complex

    Furthermore, socware.net offers an executive time-based license without any royalties and product limitations, bringing you the most economic and problem-solving RTOS solution.

    hyperC is repeatedly tested by our experienced engineers, ensuring you its stability and reliability for any applications.

    Check out our products and find out what best suits your need!